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Wendy's Frosty giveaway: Spreading happiness and sweet treats to the community

Scooda Jr. Frosty from Wendy's giveaway

100.3 The Beat, Hallelujah 1600AM & Praise 365 TV Host 'Scooda' is looking to give back to the community by doing a FREE Jr. Frosty Giveaway at his local Wendy's in Florissant, MO.

'This is something that has been on my heart to do for a while now, so I'm glad it's getting done. I just want to do something to my community and bring something positive to the forefront of Florissant, Missouri.' says Scooda.

You can listen to Scooda on the radio several ways:

Mondays on 100.3 The Beat during The Cuddy Montana Show at 3:00p CST

Wednesdays at 12:00p & 1:00p CST on Hallelujah 1600AM, PLUS every Saturday at 10:00a CST on Hallelujah 1600AM

Weekdays (Monday thru Friday) on Praise 365 hosting 'Wake Up With Scooda' a new Morning Show that uplifts the community.

You can also watch Praise 365 TV on the AH! TV Network as he hosts a televison show that spotlights business owners & more!

To follow Scooda on Social Media, please see below:

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