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Sean ‘Scooda’ Thomas, (born March 30, 1988) better known as ‘Scooda’ is a Radio Personality, Station Owner, TV Host, Graphic Designer, Content Creator & Christian Hip Hop Artist from Saint Louis, Missouri.


With over 10 years of Media under his belt, Scooda has been on AM/FM Radio, Internet,

Television & partnered with several companies with his work (St. Louis Cardinals, Advance Auto Parts, Mcalister's Deli & more). A devoted husband and father, Scooda’s message is simple ‘Use What You Have To Get What You Need’. This is a message Scooda lives by, utilizing his gifts and talents to help encourage, inspire & uplift his community.


As the host of ‘The Scooda Radio Show’, Scooda has featured many National names on his platform (Pastor Creflo Dollar, KevOnStage, Koryn Hawthorne, Willie Moore Jr.) & more, to engage in conversation about their trials/tribulations and how they were able to overcome obstacles in life. Scooda, believes the heart reaches the heart and uses that message to help relate to his radio audience.


Outside of Radio/TV, Scooda uses his gift of Graphic Design to help small businesses & local entrepreneurs bring their vision to life in the form of flyers, logos, photography & more! Always looking to help people succeed at the things they want to accomplish with their dreams & goals in their business. This prompted the creation of his website: to help showcase businesses & clients who have used his services.


Scooda continues to use his gift of communication to motivate, encourage and inspire anyone he comes in contact with. Whether it’s on Television, on radio or just simply through conversation, Scooda wants to help anyone he can! Using his testimony and past experiences to push himself and others around him, this is just the beginning of what we can expect from Scooda!


With his popular tagline: ‘It’s Ya Boy SCOODA!’ he looks to make a life long impression

on the people he comes in contact with!

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