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Usher In Or Shout Out Winner (09/02)

It's a new week of The Scooda Radio Show on KATZ Hallelujah 1600AM & we can now announce the winner for this weeks 'Usher In Or Shout Out' segment.

Both songs that were played got a lot of love from friends, family, fanbase with texts and votes on the website, and it was SO close, but it is with great joy that that we announce Ashle Renee as the winner for the week of 09/02!! We are grateful for both songs that were submitted, however Ashle Renee's 'Wishes' song received the most votes during this weeks 'New Music Saturday' segment on KATZ Hallelujah 1600AM with Scooda!

Below you can follow Ashle Renee & also listen to the song 'Wishes' which was aired on the radio during The Scooda Radio Show! Once again, thank you so much to everyone that voted and we look forward to you tuning in next week to The Scooda Radio Show on KATZ Hallelujah 1600AM! #ScoodaRadioShow

If you would like to submit YOUR music for a chance to be played on radio, simply send in your song (mp3), headshot, Artist/Song Title to:

Ashle Renee Facebook Page

Ashle Renee Instagram Page

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