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St. Louis Christian Radio Personality Gets TV Show

Local St. Louis native, Sean 'Scooda' Thomas has been doing radio in Saint Louis for over 10 years and while he is still going strong with radio, a new venture has opened up in the form of television!

AH! TV Network is launching 'The Praise 365 TV Show' hosted by: Scooda (set to debut in October 2022). 'Scooda' launched 'Praise 365 Radio' in January of 2020 which has now become recognized as St. Louis #1 Source For Gospel Music & Inspiration. This new television show will feature interviews with local pastors, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists & more with sit down conversations that will inspire and encourage the audience. 'Praise 365 TV' will also feature Music Videos from local and National Christian Recording Artists & also feature segments of Inspiration & Church Spotlights.

If you would like to be a guest on 'Praise 365 TV' simply send an email to: for more information and to possibly be booked as the next guest!

Check below for a sneak peek of the set! #Praise365TV

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