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St. Louis Business Spotlight: Queen Of Resilience

Pamela Anita Mary Davis is a Servant Leader, Speaker, Creative Consultant, HR Professional and Founder and CEO of Queen of Resilience. She is always ready to take the world by force with her humble yet gifted nature. Pamela believes in order to be a true Queen, God must be the center of your life. Her personal mission is to teach individuals the art of owning their resilience by utilizing their creativity and finding their voice.

She has an upcoming event, SIP & Speak 2023 is an event that will encourage open discussion about normalizing mental health and releasing stigmas that produce anger, stress and depression. This event aims to promote mental health awareness among all walks of life, no matter where you are – we will meet you there.

This year's theme is "Releasing The Stigma: Unpacking the Perceptions, Truths & Lies." We need your help to spread the word about this event throughout our community, especially among the youth.

For years, our communities have faced various stigmas regarding mental health that have negatively impacted holistic development. At this year's event, our panel will identify and discuss stigmas in motherhood, education, women and men in the workplace and more. The goal of this event is to provide tools to improve our well-being, especially among our youth.

Tickets are $15 for students, $30 for adults and $50 for VIP which will include a t-shirt, tumblr, and bracelet. For more information or how to buy tickets, please go to her website:

Also, listen to the latest interview (below) as she stopped by The Scooda Radio Show to speak with Scooda on radio.

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