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14th Annual Sista Strut Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

iHeartMedia St. Louis, would like to welcome you back to our 14th Annual Sista Strut Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Parade Sponsored by Brown and Croupen. The objective of Sista Strut is to heighten awareness about how Breast Cancer affects the African American Community and women of color. Black women have a 40% higher death rate from breast cancer than White women and we would like to lower that number by bringing awareness to the community and by early detection.

As we look forward to Sista Strut’s Breast Cancer Walk this year, we will continue to heighten awareness, provide information on resources and to support survivors throughout the year. We walk to help find a cure and to encourage all women to get a mammogram, as early as possible because, Early Detection Saves Lives! Our Sistas and Allies Strut October 7, 2023.

Scooda sat down with BJ the DJ aka BJ Holiday to talk about the importance of this walk and explain whats going on during the St. Louis edition of Sista Strut, FULL video below:

If you would like to register, our goal is 6,000 registrations, even if you're not able to come, still register so we can help fight this cancer & get a cure.

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